The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago
ALTA - The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago


Let's Talk About It

¡Juntos Adelante!

We are real.

We exist.

We are resilient.

We are not alone.

The coming years will not be easy and the rippling consequences of this election present real and immediate dangers for so many in our community, and for our community at large. Violence inspired by hate has always threatened us, and now especially we must be ready to protect each other. Racism, misogyny, ableism, islamophobia and hate for LGBTQAI+ people will not prevail.

We will be tested in new and sometimes frightening ways, old trials will resurrect, and our current battles will seldom give reprieve. Take strength from the struggle of our ancestors and our elders, and from those in our community who have already been fighting. Learn and share these skills, and empower each other!

Practice self-care, and reinvigorate your care for others. Educate yourself on ally-ship and incorporate it into your daily life. Make art! Our survival is resistance and our thriving is triumph for those who have fought before and for us.

ALTA’s mission is to further the Chicago Latinx Theater movement by promoting, educating, representing, and unifying Latinx identified artists and their allies. In the face of Trump’s presidency, and the culture that he has stood for and championed, we at ALTA renew these commitments to nuestra communidad.  

We affirm and celebrate our unique and tangible impact on our youth, our peers, and society at large.

We are artists, educators, activists and organizers, and as theatre makers we are positioned to give voice to the voiceless, insist on and celebrate latinidad in all of its diversity, and to refute and reject the vicious racism and xenophobia that has been in the foundation of this country since its inception.   

We see your struggle and seek to support and uplift the work you do and provide you with the tools to thrive, and a community on which to rely.

You know the needs of your communities, and the work you do in them is invaluable! Your efforts deserve to be seen and honored! The lessons you have learned and the experiences you have garnered are hard won, and that deserves to be recognized.

We will continue to amplify your voices through our advertising efforts, as well as the ALTA Artist Database. We will strive to continue providing opportunities for continuing education and learning, by negotiating discounted tickets and classes. We  will offer events and strategies to connect with and learn from each other, for now more than ever, we must invest in our fellow Latinx theatre companies and artists. Our unity and collaboration will benefit and protect us all. 

We will hold and maintain brave space for our fear as well as our anger, for our ideas, our talents, and for our work. ALTA seeks to be a space where we can share our experiences, grievances, joys and accomplishments in the knowledge that we will be heard and appreciated, and we are committed to providing space to educate and improve each other and our entire community. We matter, our work matters, and our voices matter!

This election has reaffirmed the importance of inclusive practices on and off stage. It has demonstrated the necessity of work that makes progress towards art, and an America, that is for everyone, but especially those who have been historically marginalized, and those who are currently targets. ALTA will continue to work to make this a reality.

Thank you to our allies, to the many theatres and theatre artists who have committed to discounted tickets and services, and to our champions and volunteers. Thank you for standing with us by supporting our theatre movement and our modes of action. Please continue to stand with us, to increase your awareness and support of our artists and companies, and to explore those of us you might not be familiar with! Your commitment to inclusivity, both on stage and off stage is now more important than ever.

¡Estamos aquí, estamos fuertes, estamos unidos! 

We are here, we are strong, we are united!



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