The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago
ALTA - The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago


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The ALTA Artist Database (AAD) is an online database of Chicago-area, Latinx theater and story makers, on stage and off.  The AAD is a free service to allied hiring, casting, and recruiting professionals to assist their search for Latinx artists in their inclusive work.*

Using the database to affect all aspects of your hiring considerations will not only enrich your project, but will also enrich audiences with unique perspectives and inclusive representations that contribute to the work as a whole.

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We ask that you communicate as much relevant information as possible in your access request. Things we may ask you for are your project summary, job descriptions, breakdowns, intentions in access, best practice codes, pay or plans for professional reimbursement, or plans for maintenance or improvement in best practices. Please feel free to include any questions in your access request.

*Note: The AAD is not a free casting service, a job posting website, or place to come "for suggestions." It is a searchable database of PDF's of Chicago-area, Latinx theater makers that, once access is granted, you can search and use as you need.