The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago
ALTA - The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago

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Dramaturgy Hours

The ALTA Dramaturgy Open Office Hours are FREE and OPEN to any Chicago-based Latinx playwrights!

Our monthly coffee meet-up's are designed to provide resources to Latinx-identified playwrights who feel they could benefit from a dramaturgical perspective. In short, get some coffee, bring your script, and meet with our guest dramaturgs for discussion and dramaturgical feedback on your play. Writers are encouraged to stop by with questions about research, project brainstorming, play structure, script submission, development processes, text analysis, the theatrical canon, personal statements - or simply to discuss their work with some interested colleagues.

The Dramaturgy Open Office Hour Project concept was originally created by Jeremy Stoller and joined by Catherine María Rodríguez and Amy E. Freeman. Through this project we hope to provide basic support to Latinx writers, to build networks of collaborators, and to increase people’s awareness not only of the role of dramaturgs in the creative process, but also of the many dramaturgs living and working in their vicinity with whom they might choose to collaborate.