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ALTA - The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago



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What does ALTA stand for?

 ALTA stands for the Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists!

ALTA exists as a nexus for the thriving landscape of Latinx theatre artists in the Chicagoland area. ALTA is a service organization dedicated to furthering the Chicago Latinx Theater movement by promoting, educating, representing, and unifying Latinx identified artists and their allies.

All of ALTA’s language has shifted to include the gender-inclusive ending of Latinx as part of our commitment to our trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming community members.


When was ALTA founded?

 ALTA was founded in 2010.

Over seven years ago, the notion of forming some sort of alliance for Latinx theatre artists was born. The dream is and was to form an organization that unites theatre professionals, provides a forum for advocacy, and connects Latinx talent seekers to the talent. And there is A LOT of Latinx talent in Chicago! We are a rich and gifted community and we deserve to be represented. We deserve to have a voice. 


Do I have to pay to become a member of ALTA?  Are there any membership dues?

 No! ALTA membership is completely free, and there are no membership dues.

ALTA appreciates any and all donations, and we work with theatre companies and artists around Chicago to negotiate discounts on tickets, classes, and other opportunities.


Can I become a member of ALTA if I do not identify as Latinx?

Though we welcome the support and advocacy of people of every racial and ethnic identity, and seek to support and advocate for other communities of color, ALTA membership benefits, and inclusion in the ALTA Artist Database is meant for individuals who identify as Latinx.

As part of ALTA’s mission to further the Chicago Latinx theater movement, ALTA seeks to provide support to Latinx theatre practitioners across various disciplines by negotiating discounts on tickets and classes, providing opportunities for continuing education and professional development, as well as providing affinity space.

By providing these systems and networks of support, we seek to encourage the growth and flourishing of the Chicago Latinx theater community, and the Latinx community at large. This is our way of combating the systemic racism that is in many ways still endemic in our society, and consequently, in the American theater.


What does it mean to be Latinx?

The word “Latinx” is an ever-evolving term of solidarity with a complex and global history. It is important to remember that the understanding of the word “Latinx” is not universally agreed upon, nor is it monolithic. ALTA is part of an ongoing intra-community dialogue, in part through our lived experiences, and through our work, about what “Latinx” means and how it works.

At this time, ALTA uses the word “Latinx” to describe people of Latin American descent who have a shared history of European colonialism, migration, and racial and ethnic other-ing in the U.S.  This includes people who are mixed race or identify as part-Latinx.  Identity and heritage is complicated and varied!


What does the “X” mean in “Latinx”?

 For ALTA, the “x” is a way to include our trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary community members who are excluded by masculine and feminine endings in Spanish.

There is a growing body of discussion around the “x”, and various opinions on its uses, origins, and implications. Check out these links! (1) (2)


Why am I being asked for my gender pronouns?

As part of ALTA’s commitment to providing a safe and inclusive space our trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary community members, we have instituted the practice of offering any community member the space and opportunity to designate pronouns that affirm their gender identity. Examples of gender pronouns include: they/them/their, xe/xem/xyr, ze/hir/hirs, he/him/his, she/her/hers.

Check out this resource!


How do I sign up to be a member?

 Signing up is easy! Fill out our application online (, and we will notify you once it has been processed. 


Are there any member requirements to join ALTA?

 The only requirements for membership are:

1)   That you be a Latinx theater practitioner (which includes every aspect of theater making), administrator, or scholar.

2)   That you reside in the Chicagoland area for at least some part of the year. Currently, we are not able to support members outside of the Chicago metro area.


Do I have to be an actor to be a member of ALTA?

 You do not have to be an actor to become a member of ALTA. We are continually diversifying our benefits to best provide for all members of the Latinx theater community, and our database includes many theater artists from various disciplines!


Do I have to be a professional to be a member of ALTA?

 No! Students and practitioners at all stages of their career are welcome to join ALTA!


What if I don’t speak Spanish? What if I don’t speak English?

ALTA does not have any language requirements!

We recognize that language, its use and its meaning can be extremely personal and, for us, Latinx identity can encompass people who speak one, both, or neither.  

Our website and resources are undergoing translation to make them accessible in several languages, so stay tuned! 


How do I redeem my discounts?

 Each discount partner has a unique discount and redemption policy that is located on our website. Please be sure to follow the directions specific to the theatre or artist who is offering the discount. ALTA is always updating our discount page, so check often for additions and updates!

Many of our discounts are available for redemption via online ticket sale portals through the use of discount codes provided to us by those theaters. If you are buying your tickets in person, use your ALTA Membership Card that we send to you when we confirm your membership!


Can I share my ALTA discount with people who are not ALTA members?

 We ask that you respect the wishes of the theatres and artists that provide us with discounts and not share your discount, unless it is specifically stated that sharing it is permitted.


How can I support ALTA?

 ALTA operates with the help of our many volunteers and donors. We welcome the support and advocacy of individuals and institutions that believe in the same values that we do, and who seek to empower the Latinx theater community.

Spread the word! Join us for one of our events!

If you are a member, take advantage of our discounts, become a patron of your local Latinx theatre companies and artists. Be the network of support for each other!

If you’d like to volunteer for ALTA, please feel free to contact us here.

If you are an ally, subscribe to our newsletter! Use our resources! Support Latinx artists!


I have a resource I would like to be added to your website, who should I contact?

 You can contact us on our Contact Page, here.


I want to offer a discount to your members, who do I speak to?

 Thank you so much for your generous offer! Your support of the Latinx theater community is invaluable to our mission of furthering this movement and empowering our members!  Please send any discount offers to us via our Contact Page.


What is the ALTA Artist Database? How does it work?

 The ALTA Artist Database is a professional development tool wherein ALTA members can self identify various aspects of their identities (such as race, ethnicity, ability, age and nationality), as well as their skills, talents, and areas of focus within the theatre. Individuals and companies that are interested in accessing the database are asked to submit their request through the portal on our website (

We ask that you communicate as much relevant information as possible in your access request. Things we may ask you for are your project summary, job descriptions, breakdowns, intentions in access, best practice codes, pay or plans for professional reimbursement, or plans for maintenance or improvement in best practices. Please feel free to include any questions in your access request.  


How do I update my CV/Headshot/Résumé in the AAD?

If you are currently a member, you may email your updated document in a single PDF file to This document may have multiple pages included, however, those pages should be compressed into a single PDF file.

If you are an actor, please make sure your headshot is in the first page of your PDF. All artists should make sure your preferred contact is included in your PDF so professionals may contact you.

To convert to PDF please follow the instructions on our ALTA How-To, or visit