The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago
ALTA - The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago

a Chicago latinx theater podcast


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"A little birdy told me..."


Pajaritos has two purposes.

The first being to reach out to the artists in our Chicago Latinx Theater community in an attempt to create a shared database of the stories and talent available that make up our community. We have so many talented artists here in Chicago. Pajaritos is an opportunity to know who each of those artists are on an individual level. 

The second reason is to expand the reach of our community. There are aspiring Latinx theater artists all over the country and many of them are hoping to find their community in a big city like Chicago. This podcast is a resource for those up and coming theater artists. It is an opportunity to get to know this community before their auditions and interviews and applications to become part of our world.


Creator & Coordinator: Daniel B. Esquivel

Guests Thus far

  • Avi Roque

  • Sandra Delgado

  • Sandra Márquez

  • Miranda Gonzalez

  • Melissa R. DúPrey

  • Gabriel Ruiz

  • Tanya Saracho

  • Krystal Ortiz