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Press Release


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The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists Announces the ALTA Awards

A celebration of Latinx theater talent and community in Chicagoland to be held on October 8th, 2018 at Victory Gardens Theater

Chicago, IL, July 5th, 2018 — The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists is proud to announce the inaugural ALTA Awards, a community celebration of the achievements of Chicagoland Latinx Theater artists and makers. With over 240 members and always growing, the Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists seeks to leverage the collective investment of its membership to recognize and uplift the contributions of their peers to the ever-evolving landscape of local and national Latinx Theater.  The ALTA Awards will take place on October 8th at Victory Gardens Theater with doors opening at 6:00 p.m for a cocktail hour, the opening act begins at 6:45p.m., and the ceremonies kicking off at 7p.m.

The ALTA Awards are intentionally for and by Latinx people. Historically, Latinx artists and companies have been neglected, ignored, or misunderstood by the majority of publications, awarding bodies, and theater institutions; these awards seek to shift the balance of power in the pursuit of equity.  The ALTA Awards will rely on the collective discernment of the ALTA membership to determine what is “outstanding” and strive to avoid the bias of a committee that may not be inclusive of all identities and areas of Latinx theater in Chicagoland. ALTA seeks to utilize the platform these awards create to empower historically neglected artists and companies, and to uplift their voices and affirm their self-determination.

“ALTA has always been dedicated to giving the Latinx talent in Chicago more tools to succeed in this exceedingly harsh and biased industry,” said Hannah Gomez, ALTA Chicago’s director of membership. “If one night of community and celebration can provide that, we are going to do it. We make the larger Chicago theater community and this country great. And we are no longer waiting for permission to be recognized.”

Although the ALTA Awards are to be nominated and voted by membership, celebrating the works of Latinx artists in the Chicagoland area, any and all are welcome to attend the ALTA Awards and celebrate these accomplishments. The nomination period will be from July 5th - July 26th with a firm deadline at midnight on July 26th. Voting will take place from August 9th - August 30th with a firm deadline at midnight on August 30th. 

Nomination Categories: Outstanding Play, Musical, Director of a Play, Director of a Musical, Ensemble, Sketch Ensemble, Improv Ensemble, Actor in a Principal Role in a Play, Actor in a Principal Role in a Musical, Supporting Actor in a Play, Supporting Actor in a Musical, Solo Performance, Performance in a Sketch or Review, Improv Performer, Choreography, Music Direction, Original Music in a Play, Fight Choreography or Intimacy Design, Scenic Design, Lighting Design, Costume Design, Sound Design, Projections/Visual Design, Artistic Specialization, Stage Management, Storyteller, Casting Direction, and Art as Activism. In honor of those who paved the way, we will also be awarding the Luis Alfaro Leadership Award, the Migdalia Cruz Mentorship Award, the Luis Valdez Arts Activism Award, and the María Irene Fornés New Play Award.

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About ALTA Chicago:

The Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago (ALTA) exists as a nexus for the thriving landscape of Latinx theatre artists in the Chicagoland area. ALTA is a volunteering service organization dedicated to furthering the Chicago Latinx Theater movement by promoting, educating, representing, and unifying Latinx identified artists and their allies.